Pre-Conference Training

Examining the strengths and limitations of body cameras and other recording devices.
Dr. William Lewinski
Jaime Borden
23 Oct 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Chicago, IL

Pre-Conference Training

Body Cameras & Other Recordings in Law Enforcement

The training will discuss the strengths & limitations of body cameras & other recording devices that need to be understood & considered during investigations. You will understand the difference between human memory vs. electronic recording and the implications of that reality during force investigations. You will be able to understand & explain why what a camera sees may not be what an officer sees during a high-stress, rapidly unfolding force encounter. The impact of lighting, camera angle, and frame rate on recordings of fast moving events; recommendations and timing considerations related to whether officers should view video of their encounters before submitting to formal interviews; technology and techniques that can help agencies “flesh out” two-dimensional video footage in an effort to present the most realistic picture of an officer’s sensory experience during a high-stress, rapidly unfolding force encounter will be discussed. Lastly, you’ll receive tips for appropriately presenting & positioning footage of a filmed force encounter in a manner that helps maximize understanding of the realities of human performance.

Dr. William (Bill) Lewinski is the Director and Co-Founder of the Force Science Institute, which brings together experts from a wide variety of academic and research disciplines to study officer behavior in force encounters. Dr. Lewinski has a Ph.D. in Police Psychology. Dr. Lewinski is a behavioral scientist specializing in human performance and incident dynamics related to law enforcement. Dr. Lewinski has led studies in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. His research has appeared in a variety of journals and media and been highlighted on 48 Hours Investigates, BBC’s Panorama and the Canadian Discovery Channel. He has served as an international expert witness in over 200 coroner’s inquests, grand juries, criminal and civil cases, and arbitration hearings. He is a professor emeritus from the law enforcement department at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

An 18-year veteran of the Henderson Police Department, Sgt. (Ret.) James Borden is currently assigned as the Use of Force Training and Analysis Officer for the agency, a position created specifically for the utilization of training received through the Force Science Institute. In addition to attaining Certification in Force Science Analysis, Borden was the first individual in the country to complete the Advanced Force Science Specialist Program put on by the Institute. Borden’s current position has focused on the study and application of human factors & behavioral science as it applies to officers on the street involved in deadly force situations & critical incidents. In this capacity he has been responsible for the management and oversight of Use of Force on the Henderson Police Department. This Oversight includes investigations, case analysis and review, policy review, policy writing and training.